As we are exceeding our planetary boundaries, we understand our role and responsibility in how we use the resources on this planet. We need to minimise the accumulation of synthetic substances like plastics, nature must be allowed to run its own cycles, and we must create access for people globally to meet their needs. Those are the fundamental principles of sustainability and they are the driver for our strategy and our journey towards a more responsible business.

To evolve STAND STUDIO into a more responsible business and take responsibility for our impact and our duty. We have always strived towards high quality materials, have worked towards ethical supply chains and designed products in a long-lasting quality. Now, we wish to continue this effort and take a confident step forward, to align our practices with our values and make sure, we commit to sustainability in a way that has both impact and relevance.

For the past 1.5 years, we have worked closely with the Danish sustainability advisor In futurum to create a holistic three-year sustainability strategy focusing on materials, production and product life cycle guided by our values; innovation, responsibility and quality. The strategy centres on the most impactful part of our company - the design of the products themselves. 

Our three-year sustainability strategy is based around the sustainable foundation which outlines the ethical behaviour and inspiration whilst also providing a context of how this strategy fits within larger cycles and systems. The strategy contains three focus areas; materials and sourcing, production and product life cycle. The focus areas will be approached using STAND STUDIO’s values: responsibility, innovation and quality. They have always been at our core and will continue to be so. Collectively, they form the basis for which every decision and detail running through the company will be made. These values throughout the company allow us to create confidence and commitment for our products, partnerships, customers and employees. To succeed and progress within the focus areas, a series of sustainability targets have been made based around these values.

Read about our sustainability targets in our three-year Sustainability Strategy here.

There are three focus areas: materials and sourcing, production, and product life cycle. Each area has main objectives, guided by our values innovation, responsibility and quality. Materials and sourcing: Here, it’s our future focus to use great quality natural substitutes for leather and fur as well as becoming certified in all animal products including down, wool and leather. Furthermore, we will look towards innovative materials and ethical practices in the sourcing of future materials. Production: We must aim at mutually beneficial partnerships with our suppliers. STAND STUDIO will continue to build upon our relationship with our suppliers by investing in long-term partnerships that are of equal importance to us all. We will map out the impact of our supply chains so we can detect areas of improvement and learning. Product lifecycle: We will help customers increase the life of our products and their lifespan by creating great quality clothes, care guides, repair services and launch a rental-service through collaboration.

The strategy is a comprehensive plan that will steer our company towards making better decisions. It is deeply rooted in core sustainability principles and addresses the company holistically by delivering a practical direction and daily sustainable practices that suit STAND STUDIO’s values, product and structure.