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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the sizes?
See general size guide here.
How do i find a specific item?
There are various ways to find a specific product. You can use the site 'Search' function to search by name or keyword. If you are still having trouble finding a specific product, you can also use the links on the left hand menu to search by product category. Once you have selected your desired category, you can further refine the listings by style, colour and size using the filters on the left-hand side of the page. Additionally, the 'sort by' tab at the top right of the Product Listing page allows for further refining. Failing this, please call customer care and a representative from our Customer Care team will be happy to assist in searching for a specific item.
What if an item is out of stock?
If the desired item is out stock, click on the desired size to see if additional shipping information appears below. If there is no additional information, the item is sold out in the webshop. 
How long does the delivery take?
Orders placed within Sweden normally takes 2-3 business days (Monday-Friday) and international shipments normally takes 2-5 business days. We aim to dispatch all orders within 24 hours during business days.

The delivery time can vary depending on the amount of orders and other conditions that Stand cannot help. If your delivery takes longer than expected please contact our customer care and we will do our best to help you. 
Do you ship to the US?
At the moment, we only have EU shipping. We hope to expand shipping to the US in the near future.
How can I get my tracking number?
You do not get the tracking number automatically. In order to receive your tracking number please get in contact with our customer care. 
Can I amend or cancel my order once it has been placed? 
Once an order has been placed it is not possible to make any changes. If you would like to order an additional piece you will have to make a new order.

If you would like to cancel an order please contact our customer care. We cannot guarantee that it is possible to cancel your order. We might be able to cancel your order if you notify us shortly during business hours and your order has notbeen shipped.    
What payment methods do we support?
The STAND webshop accepts both VISA and Master Card. Klarna Invoice and partial payment is also offered as possible methods of payment when shipping to Sweden.

Please note that correct email and physical address information are required when placing an order.

Read more here.
How do I return my order? 
After your order has been delivered you have 14 days to withdraw your purchase in our online shop if you wish to return a product.
1. Pack the items you wish to return securely in the original box or similar. The product has to be in unused condition with all labels attached for the return to be granted. 

2. Please fill out the return form (other side of this note) with customer information, product info and reason code, and stick it on the parcel.

3. Attach the return label on the package. If you have not received a return label with your order, please contact us on the website.

4. Return from:

Sweden: Please take the parcel to the nearest PostNord service point.
EU countries except Sweden: Please contact DHL to arrange a return. Contact details and tracking information can be found at www.dhl.com
5. The payment/credit will be cancelled when we have received your return.
I do not have any return note – how do I get one? 
If you do not find the return label in your delivery please contact our customer care and they will provide you with a new one. 
When will I get my refund? 
When we have received the item we will refund the amount as soon as possible. The funds will be returned to your original method of payment.
Will I get a confirmation when you have received my return? 
We will not send a confirmation when we have received your return other than a credit on your invoice
How do I take care of my leather pieces?
Always hang a leather garment on a well-formed clothes hanger.

Dirt and dust gets easily caught in suede. Brush the garment with a soft brush or a piece of foam rubber that is not too thick.

Polishing dust on suede exists more or less on all new garments. To remove this use a brush or a tape roller.

You can press a garment – set the thermostat to silk or wool, press with a dry press towel, the garment must be dry.

If cleaning is necessary contact a professional – Do not wash in a washing machine. It is important to know that the lining and other details on a leather jacket do not have the same life span as the jacket itself.

If the garment gets wet – hang on a clothes hanger and dry slowly at room temperature. If the garment feels stiff when it has dried rub leather against leather, brush with a garment brush or dry sponge. Napa leather garments tolerate rain if they are top dyed. If the leather is only aniline dyed and possibly waxed dark spots will appear. Raindrops will be absorbed but the spots disappear when the garment has dried.
Can I get rid of stains from leather garments?
Food Stain
Wipe off with a moistened cloth, here fat stains often occur. As always if this does not help contact a professional.

Fat Stain
On suede this can be removed by covering the stain with chalk (scraped from ordinary school chalk). Let the chalk absorb the fat, preferably overnight, then brush off and rub leather against leather. On Napa leather garments a mild soap solution applied with a cottonrag or sponge can be used.

Ice Cream Stain
Fat stains may occur if it contains dairy products with colouring matter. To remove – a moistened cloth or possibly rinse with cold water, apply chalk and let dry – brush or rub leather against leather.

Blood Stain
It is important to immediately rinse with cold water, apply chalk and let dry.

Water Soluble Stain
For example remainders of food without fat can be removed with a moistened white cotton rag, afterwards gently rub with a dry rag. Let dry and rub leather against leather.

More Difficult Stain
Should be left to a professional for advice and for the appropriate treatment. Never use petrol or other solvents that can harm the colour or the garments surface finish.
What is faux fur? 
Faux fur, also called fake fur or fun fur is not real animal fur. Faux fur is a textile fabric made from polymetric fibers that are processed, dyed and cut to resemble real fur.
What is Recycled faux fur? 
The coats made from recycled faux fur are crafted from recycled polyester. Recycled polyester is collected waste (usually plastic bottles) that is cut, depolymerized and refined before being transformed into yarns that are then used to make the faux fur fabric. 
What is KOBA faux fur? 
KOBA® is a fur-free-fur made with plant-based fibres consisting of 37% Sorona® and 67% Polyester. Sorona® is a by-product from the corn processing to produce biofuel. KOBA®  is the first recycled and recyclable animal-free faux fur.
What is Wool fur material? 
The material we call Wool Fur is natural wool, which is made into the coats and jackets that look and feel similar to our previous faux fur material. The wool fibres are the natural material received from sheep, which are then processed to feel like a fur coat while maintaining the warmth of the natural wool. 
What is Tie & Dye leather?
Read about the tie & dye process here.